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In the midst of a global pandemic, the idea for Harris House began. The world shifted and to meet the new realities of this new world Chef Lauren created a meal pick/delivery service for her friends and family. The goal was to create a meal service that provided people with fresh, local food and get rid of the daily stress of figuring out what’s for dinner. Currently, Harris House serves local New Orleans and the greater metro NOLA area.


Harris House prides itself on their ability to offer delicious food to anyone that wants a home cooked meal in the comfort of their own home. There’s no need to purchase pre-packaged freezer meals filled with preservatives anymore!


What inspires Chef Lauren Harris? Family. It’s the family you were born into and the family that you choose as you grow and navigate this weird and wonderful world. There is no question that without her family, and the love and guidance from her late mother, she wouldn’t be the person or chef that she is today.

When Chef Lauren isn’t in the kitchen you’ll likely find her on a camping or fishing adventure with her husband, Ed. For over six years Ed has inspired her love of campfire cooking and being able to cook the day's catch.

Chef Lauren started her career in the culinary world in 2010 because of the way cooking makes her feel and the community that it creates. Seeing the joy on her customers' faces as they eat her dishes is a privilege. Chef Lauren and Harris House look forward to creating a community and serving you.

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